Vendor Finance

Vendor Finance is our core business. We help manufacturers, distributors and dealers drive sales and profits. Through lease finance programs tailored to their needs and the needs of their customers.

Why leasing?

Leasing helps our vendor partners increase sales and grow business. By making it easier to close deals, generate upgrade business, lock out the competition and improve cashflow.

Easier for your customers, easier for you.
Leasing makes life easier for your customer. Instead of one large payment, they enjoy access to your equipment and services via affordable regular payments. Making it easier for your customer to budget and for you to sell.

We help you bundle services or maintenance to create total packages customized to the specific needs of each of your customers. So you can offer them a one-stop shop for equipment and finance. Removing their need for a bank or third-party finance provider. The process is simple and you stay in control throughout.

Why De Lage Landen?

We have a proven track record in small- to middle-ticket leasing and focus on these key traditional and newer industries:

  • Food & Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Clean Technology
  • Office Technology
  • Construction & Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Mobility

By specializing we develop a deeper knowledge of your market’s needs and challenges. So we can deliver financing solutions tailored to your sales goals, processes and distribution channels.

A partner who can advance your business
To ensure your finance programs support your business objectives, we work closely with you to:

  • understand your distribution strategy;
  • provide customized point-of-sale support. Including marketing material, training & education programs, and in-the-field financial specialists;
  • meet your needs in terms of risk, operating costs and your equipment’s secondary markets;
  • help develop a brand strategy for your finance solutions.

Global reach, local service
We have local know-how across the world. So the financing solutions we develop with you not only meet your global business needs. They also comply with all local accounting, tax and regulatory requirements. And we get the ‘small things’ right, like fast payment and flawless execution.

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