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Do you originate your own lease portfolio and desire to optimize your operations? Have you considered outsourcing, but found expertise in the market lacking? De Lage Landen offers manufacturers and distributors a full suite of operational outsourcing services using our proprietary lease management system. In fact, we’ve spent years developing a comprehensive global operating system that will help you with all aspects of managing commercial equipment lease and loan portfolios.

Whether your needs encompass the full leasing lifecycle or one particular component, our Portfolio Lifecycle Outsourcing product allows you to leverage De Lage Landen’s operating platform and years of experience. You will be able to better manage your expenses and reduce your operational risk when compared to acquiring or developing a proprietary platform.

Why choose De Lage Landen?
We understand the leasing industry and have vast service experience and capabilities across multiple industries, asset classes, geographies, currencies and languages. With more than 40 years of industry knowledge and expertise in managing tens of billions in vendor finance receivables and assets on balance sheet, we are proven experts in our field.

People: The individuals managing your business are professionals who have made their careers in the leasing business. Whether you work with one of our senior credit analysts, customer service representatives or documentation specialists, you can rest assured that our people are experienced and knowledgeable.

Process: Our lease processes are effective, efficient and honed through years of development and practical application. We focused on customer service and speed to market in developing our operating philosophy—and that can immediately enhance your business results.

Technology: We designed our next-generation lease management platform using proprietary technologies and the industry’s premier specialty software to address functional requirements such as pricing, tax administration, asset-level management, and accounting. It’s a combination that results in one of the most comprehensive operating platforms available in the industry today.

To learn more about how our Partner Enterprise Solutions team can satisfy your business requirements, contact us at +1 (610) 386 5846, or e-mail using the contact details on the right side of this page

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